Employee Wellbeing Talks

We offer a selection of in-house wellbeing talks over a range of subjects and in flexible formats. Pick a topic for a one off session, or book a seminar series to be delivered over 8 weeks. Sessions are 90 mins in duration. We can deliver these to small groups or to several hundred people at a time. To start with, we recommend  'Wellbeing at work'.  This talk will show staff how to manage stress in a positive way, ideas and help on negative self talk, and an introduction to mindfulness.  Other presentations:

  • Easy Techniques for Positive Thinking 
  • Corporate Wellness at Work
  • Mindfulness for Productivity 
  • Effective communication skills
  • Managing Stress
  • How to Build Confidence & Resilience
Wellness & Discovery retreat

Wellbeing Workshops

We have a range of 1 day wellbeing workshops to provide training and support for individuals and teams. We can of course combine a number of these areas below for a bespoke package for your company.  These are interactive experiences, which will be fully-formed or with tailored content specific to your needs.  Resources are provided. 

  • Mental Fitness & Emotional Wellbeing
  • Build Resilience and Manage Work Stress
  • Improving Mental Confidence and Resilience
  • Reducing Conflict in the Workplace
  • Effective Communication Skills
  • Empathy and Teamwork
Mindfulness & Guided Imagery Retreat

Wellbeing Event

These one day events are packed full of help and advice to inspire staff to make positive changes to their health and wellbeing.

We will offer a free consultancy to ensure your event covers all the areas you feel would benefit your staff. We can include talks and short workshops within the day to cover specific areas such as dealing with stress, building confidence and communication skills.  

We can include sessions on yoga, tai chi and meditation and can bring in pop ups focusing on many different health and wellbeing areas.

We can offer a digital home for your Wellbeing Event and manage scheduling and sign ups.

Mindfulness & Guided Imagery Retreat

Schools & Universities

We can provide training for both staff and students in the form of 60 - 90 minute talks.  These talks can cover any area you feel your school or university would like to address.  We suggest our Wellbeing Package which includes specific exercises to enable children and young adults to improve confidence, manage stress, mindfulness 101, explore guided imagery for developing self esteem and of course, coping strategies for staff.


'Time to talk'

These 50 minute sessions are held either online, by telephone or in person at a specific venue.  These sessions should be open to everyone at work, including staff at schools and universities.

These 1:1 sessions offer a safe, private space for employees when they are struggling with difficulties and need more help.  We offer counselling, coaching, guidance and support to make positive changes both in their private and professional lives.  Personal issues can have a negative impact on job performance and this service is designed to help employees in resolving emotional difficulties that may be adversely affecting their performance.

These sessions booked privately and are completely anonymous and confidential. We provide a safe, non-judgemental space for staff to discuss their difficulties and challenges, to let off steam and feel truly listened to.

These sessions are run by fully trained, experienced counsellors, therapists and wellbeing mentors.

Writing Retreat

Company Retreats

Training Retreats 

Training retreats allow your employees time to work in depth with trained and qualified facilitators in a venue of your choice.  They deliver outstanding results for change in a supportive environment.

Reward Retreats
We believe your company’s achievements should be celebrated and your staff rewarded for their efforts. These are specifically designed to help your staff unwind, disengage from pressures and stress, regain perspective and rediscover their passion for work. 

Mindfulness & Guided Imagery Retreat